My name is Julia Outlaw, a STAT qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique working in South London and across the city.

I teach mostly out of my home studio in Tooting, where I work with clients from all backgrounds and different stories - from expectant mothers, professionals of all ages or simply those who are looking to learn and develop well-being.

Julia Outlaw

My Journey to the Alexander Technique


I became interested in the Alexander Technique in 2004 after taking a course of lessons for  back pain, whilst working as a management consultant.

Having experienced the benefits of the Alexander Technique in my own life, I knew that I wanted to share it with others. Pursuing training and intensive retreats I realised the Alexander Technique offers a path to real mindfulness - an awareness of yourself in each moment including, critically, your body, not just the thoughts in your head. I completed a three year teacher training at the Westminster Alexander Centre in 2010 and now teach individual and group lessons in London, and across Europe.

Painkillers and other therapies had offered little improvement for me.  After four Alexander sessions the pain was gone. The lessons not only cured the pain, long term, but also brought many other benefits including increased confidence, improved posture, and a sense of calm.

I am continually attracted by the Alexander Technique for its soft, yet powerful, impact.  Though nothing is imposed (the emphasis is on learning rather than being 'treated'), each individual is encouraged to question and discover for themselves what they are currently doing, and to choose if they want to keep doing it.


Home Life


Interested for many years in what makes people ‘tick’, I have found fruitful links with Alexander Technique and other interests - psychology, neuroscience, tai chi, voice and singing, the practice of presence, dialogue, tango, hiking, cooking and photography - well, life really!

The Alexander Technique principles can truly become embodied and inform all aspects of your life - from the way I move from one yoga pose to another, to finding a mindful pause before responding to my toddler, to baking with more awareness!  It empowers me to live a more fulfilled and connected life, with my family, my daughters, loved ones and the world around me.

About Julia Outlaw

My Work Today


I now offer Alexander Technique lessons for people from all walks of life, all across London. I’ve completed post graduate training in Alexander Technique for voice and singing, performance, pregnancy, for children and teenagers and subtle energy work.

I am an experienced leadership and personal coach and believe there is value in this kind of talking therapy. I also strongly believe that real change and relief only comes when the body is firmly included - and can come much quicker.

Whether pupils come with a physical or an emotional or mental issue or need, Alexander work can shift something holistically and clear a path for something new.

My aim is to help you learn what you can do, and learn to stop doing, in order to move and live more freely. My work is designed to help you simply be yourself, to experience a connected mind, body and soul.




The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) is the largest professional body of the technique worldwide. STAT’s aim is to ensure the highest standards of teacher training and professional practice.

Teaching members of STAT are qualified after completing a three-year 1,600 hour training course. Members adhere to the Society’s published Code of Professional Conduct and Competence, and are covered by professional indemnity insurance.

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