Julia’s clear, gentle teaching and sense of fun makes learning the Alexander Technique a delight. Even when I arrived distracted, stressed and exhausted from the pressures of work, I would leave feeling once more fully present, at home in my body, and ready to take the whole of myself into addressing the needs of the moment calmly and freely.
— Inez

Julia approaches her work with dedication and commitment, and personally helped me to realise it’s not so much what I needed to do with my posture, but more what I didn’t need to do! In other words I was trying too hard to be correct.

This made me more relaxed about my posture and thus contributed to improving a bulging disc issue I had.
— Kolan

I had never tried Alexander Technique before starting sessions with Julia. I’ve found that what I’ve learned so far has eased tension in my body, reducing my stress levels and the number of headaches I used to get. I will keep coming back!
— Katherine

Julia has a wonderful presence and is very gentle and intuitive. She helped me to let go of some of my postural habits that cause tension and access more sense of freedom in the body.
— Tessa

Before a piano performance, I usually get very nervous. The Alexander Technique has helped me to be less nervous about the audience and enjoy my playing. I can have more attention and relax my fingers and shoulders.
— Abby

In lessons with Julia, I’ve discovered I can take a moment to realise I have a choice and can choose to do less. I feel more confident and know how to ground myself.
— Chris

Julia exudes an air of quiet composed calm whilst appearing in control of any situation – it has been great to understand her secret!
— Vikki

Julia works miracles. I’ve loved learning Alexander Technique from Julia. I come out of every lesson feeling taller, more relaxed and more peaceful. I find the Alexander Technique such a powerful way of improving the health of my body and mind.

I’ve worked with five or six Alexander Technique teachers and Julia is my favourite. She has a lovely style and approach that makes it a very relaxing experience whilst you’re learning.
— Andy

Working with Julia has always been so insightful in many ways; not only in helping me to release tensions and recognise my own negative tendencies, but also in her powerful presence and strong dedication to her craft, through which I find immense trust and a very safe space to explore and bring myself out of these habits.

I feel equipped with tools that I can use to prevent my habitual downfalls, and a purity in my thinking which allows me to procrastinate less and steer with more genuine power my life.
— Sara

The session with Julia was an awakening and intense experience. I rarely have the opportunity to come to an Alexander Technique lesson, but because of that powerful insight I received (with my whole being) when Julia worked with me, I now have a much more effective tool that I can use when working with myself.
— Cristina

My lessons with Julia have transformed the way I think about everyday movement and she has taught me how to to listen to and engage with my body. She is a calm, intuitive, caring teacher and I am forever grateful to her for enabling me to manage my back pain.
— Emily