The Tea House is a space for you to explore the Alexander Technique and find how it helps you, and your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The Alexander Technique helps you to develop improved attention, proprioception and sense of self. This allows you to better understand your own habits and how your actions affect your mind, body and soul.

Julia is a STAT qualified teacher, and offers Alexander Technique lessons for individuals and groups.


South London, Alexander Technique Lessons

45 MINUTES £40 - £60

(Depending on location and timing)

My teaching is designed to help you be your wonderful self. I’m here to help you experience a connected mind, body and soul through the Alexander Technique, and to offer you practical tools to help yourself in times of need.

I also offer lessons in different locations across London, and some group classes, so please do get in touch if that is of interest. 

South London Alexander Technique Lessons

How Will Alexander Technique Help Me?


Alexander Technique can help you if you:

  • Are interested in learning more about yourself, and your mind-body connections

  • Aren’t ‘feeling yourself’ or the you you want to be

  • Have voice or breathing difficulties, or are in pain

  • Have tried other things and not found the long term change you’re looking for

  • Want to be more confident, calmer, less stressed

  • Are simply curious about trying something new

Using the Alexander Technique, we can explore how your body is designed to function, finding a more natural way that cooperates with gravity and improves postural tone.

We can examine whether you’re using unnecessary muscles to perform simple movements, placing undue strain on your body. And we can explore how you react, both physically and mentally, to external events and how much choice you have in this happening.


What You To Expect in an Alexander Technique lesson


You’ll join me in my South London studio, or at another London location, where you’ll be welcomed into a calm and safe space. 

I’ll be on hand to answer any queries or concerns that you may have about the lesson, or Alexander Technique, before we begin. You’re also welcome to highlight any particular issues you’d like to work with or goals you have.

I will then guide you very gently with my hands and words to experience a new way of moving, usually walking, standing and sitting. You may also lie down for ‘table work’, where I will help your body release tension.

Clarity and Calm

Many students of the Alexander Technique find that they feel more confident, have better clarity of thought and discover a feeling of lightness and a sense of calm.

Letting Go

A lot of muscular tensions are caused by mental tensions… all thoughts have a muscular reaction. Issues such as back pain can often be linked to stress or something being stuck in your body. Alexander Technique helps you reset, freeing everything up to allow natural poise and ease.



Frequently Asked Questions


What does it feel like?

It can feel unusual, uplifting, relaxing, relieving..!  The touch is gentle. Sometimes your body feels like it is in a strange position, for example, if you have always been tensing your neck and you let that tension go, you may feel like your head is floating!

As your sensory awareness improves you develop a new sense of natural poise.

What should I wear?

Your normal, comfortable clothes are best and you remain fully clothed.

Trousers or leggings are recommended, rather than skirts, for comfort lying down.


How many lessons might I need?

You will experience something interesting in the first lesson.  A course of six to ten lessons is usually recommended, if possible, as you are learning a new skill.

In my own, and some pupils' experience there is always more to learn and benefits to gain.  As a wonderful 95 year old teacher, who trained with Alexander, once told me about learning the Alexander Technique : ‘the first sixty years is the hardest!’